David Magill offers legal services to corporate and individual clients on a range of business related matters. Advice can be provided on matters which are not subject to dispute (non-contentious) or matters where a dispute may or has arisen or is even in court, mediation or arbitration (contentious matters).

Corporate services relating to the incorporated limited company including
advice and assistance on:

New company set ups including advice and assistance on incorporation.

Advice for new and existing companies upon shareholdings, shareholder agreements, articles of association and investment agreements,

Directors’ service agreements and employment contracts, both new and termination of or changes thereto.

Business transfers whether it be guidance or managing the transfer of the issued shares capital or transfer of any or all of the business assets and assistance with all of the related ancillary documents such as asset and share sale and purchase agreements, stock transfer forms, share indemnity, deeds of attorney, resignation letters and advice upon and preparation of the necessary Companies House documentation.

Taking and giving security, personal guarantees, charges, debentures whether to be granted by the limited company to a lender or by an individual (such as on a property) in support of a Company’s borrowing

Litigation and disputes affecting the limited company including director and shareholder disputes

Company Services:

Company commercial legal services to assist your business running on a day to day basis including advice and assistance on:

New and existing commercial contracts and arrangements

Advising upon and drafting settlement agreements,

Advice upon new or existing terms and conditions of business.

Commercial litigation and disputes affecting your business including contract and debt disputes