Services-What I may be able to do for you.

Court Action without notice to the perpetrator: If the publication is threatened and that threat is real, then we can seek an injunction preventing publication (including provisions to make the injunction anonymous to continue to protect your privacy). Breach of the terms of the injunction will be a contempt of court and could result in imprisonment.

Practical action such as contacting the perpetrator, or websites and internet service providers to seek the “taking down” of any published material. We make the approach on a friendly basis however the threat of legal action is in our experience the best leverage.

We would seek in addition to “take down” undertakings never to republish what has been published or any material which relates to you whether sexual, private or otherwise. We would further seek unreserved apologies, if appropriate damages, and your legal costs incurred.

If we are unable to have the matter resolved with by way or a pre-emptive injunction, or by way of pre-action correspondence then you may wish to start the proceed to wards formal court proceedings for one or all of the legal wrongs set out above. We have a proven track record in pursuing proceedings to trial and settling matters before trial by agreement on substantial damages and undertakings from the perpetrator.

If so, please contact us if you prefer for further details, and we can start helping you to get justice right away.