Defamation -Libel and Slander

David Magill is a recognised authority in the area of defamation (both libel and slander) as well as reputation management. We have particular expertise and a strong reputation for their services in this specialist area of the law. We have a specialist defamation and reputation management team to provide dedicated advice to individuals and companies whose reputations have been attacked.

If you are an individual or company or organisation and your reputation has been attacked from gossip, rumour, lies or malicious comments, whether online, in print or spoken, this can have a devastating impact and cause serious harm and distress. Reputations built up over many years can be damaged. Your reputation is a valuable yet fragile asset that must be protected. Any damage must be compensated and your reputation vindicated.

The first step we always take is to acquire a detailed understanding of you or your business, and the background to any attacks that are being made against you. We can then assess and advise you as to appropriate strategies to stop any attacks, repair any damage that has been caused and prevent any attacks being made against you in the future. Depending upon the factors in your case and your attitude towards litigation, various strategies can be explored such as demanding that a perpetrator will “cease and desist” their actions, obtaining an injunction, seeking an apology or pursuing a claim for compensation.

David Magill has an enviable record of success in taking decisive action for clients when their reputations have been damaged or are at risk.

If you require any information or assistance because your reputation has been damaged or is coming under attack please contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to have a no obligation conversation to see if we can help you. We also have experience acting for Defendants as well as Claimants in defamation proceedings; we can assist and advise in strategic management of defamation claims from “both sides of the fence”.