Feedback from clients assisted by David

I would like to thank you most sincerely for your assistance with my recent libel case and to let you know how relieved I am that we are able to promptly reach a settlement. From the outset you grasped my concerns including the background issues. Your clearly understood that an apology and retraction were more important in restoring my reputation than financial compensation. Once again, thank you for your assistance throughout, the considerate and expert manner in which this case was handled is greatly appreciated.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent work that you carried out on our behalf. You were informative about the action that could be taken and made us feel at ease about the situation. I was so very relived when the outcome was successful and was very impressed with your professionalism and efficiency. Please feel free to use this information as a review for you to use where you feel appropriate. The stress that you have relieved me from is something that I truly thank you for.” Words cannot adequately express my, and my family’s, gratitude for the highly professional way in which you conducted my case.

 You believed in my case and identified the dishonesty in the accusations made against me. You then demonstrated that belief in the way you supported me even in the darkest days.

 Your support was as important in the outcome as your undoubted expertise and your ability to see through the other side’s defence and pursue the issues that brought about a successful outcome.

 I believe that the leading defamation barrister you instructed to assist us was influenced by your incisiveness, this persuaded him to support our case and certainly having such a great team ensured a successful outcome for me.

 Not only have you achieved the result I so desperately needed you have also highlighted the points that have cleared my name in other people’s minds as well as your success in court.

 I cannot express my gratitude in any way that matches your commitment and diligence.

 I can only, very sincerely, say thank you.