What I can do for you?

If your reputation or the reputation of your business has or may come under attack, whether from gossip, rumour, lies, malicious comments then I can assist you. There are many ways that Ican assist you;

  • I can assist you in immediately responding to any threats that have been made and seek the removal of malicious comments from the Internet.
  • I can demand that the perpetrator does cease and desist, and where required threaten to issue proceedings on your behalf against the perpetrators to stop the damage as soon as possible.
  • I can advise you on obtaining orders for third party disclosure, such as a “Norwich Pharmacal” order where the perpetrator has attempted to hide his or her identity when making comments online.
  • I can advise you as to the merits of your case and the evidence before you proceed.
  • I can assist you if your claim is already issued and you are subject to court applications.
  • We can advise you as to how maximise the chances of successfully prosecuting any proceedings against the perpetrator or defending any claims or counterclaims..
  • I can bring the case to Court, instructing leading barristers from specialist chambers and manage the procedural aspects of any proceedings on your behalf.
  • I can tailor our service to suit your needs and budget. Whether you just want some advice or need to be robustly represented in Court, we can help whether you are the Claimant or Defendant.