What will it cost you?

We take a proactive approach to the costs to ensure you are aware and agreed before any work is started. This works for us and clients.

  1. The actual costs that will be incurred with me depend on what I am asked to do and how we have agreed to charge/fund the instruction.
  2. Hourly Rates: My legal costs are normally charged to you on a time basis i.e. how many hours multiplied by my agreed hourly rate plus VAT. I have extensive experience and expertise (which means we can work quickly and efficiently) and as I am based outside of London with lower overheads, we are able to pass the overhead savings onto you.
  3. Fixed Fees: However, I do also offer fixed fees for work where the scope of the work is clear (in any litigation matters this is usually at the start only) and there will be no surprises e.g. cease & desist letters, letters before claim and responses, interim applications, issuing proceedings.
  4. Estimates and Credit Limit: Where the scope of the work is unclear e.g. the matter will likely be long term and/or comprises multiple strategies /scenarios which may change depending on how your opponent or Court reacts as we progress. In that case it is difficult to predict costs other than to provide “ball-park estimates”. What I find works best is to provide estimates for likely scenarios, and work up to agreed and re-settable credit limits as we go along. This way my clients know how much spend they are committed until notified that the limit is reached. They can decide whether to proceed and to re-set the credit limit at that stage, or not.
  5. No win no fee or conditional fee arrangements: If you (as the intended claimant) have insufficient funding to pursue any claim through to trial, we may consider whether or not we can act on your behalf on a no-win no-fee basis. Your opponent must have sufficient and identifiable means to pay any costs agreed or ordered by the Court to be paid if we are successful (this is in addition to their own legal costs). We must first assess merits of your case, the commercial aspects and all the factors therefore normally an initial fee will be payable by you for this review (and which may include an initial meeting). We will advise you of the cost upon your enquiry.