What will it cost you?

I often hear complaints from client about other solicitors and the way in which they charge especially for services including defamation, privacy and harassment work. I take a proactive approach to costs and find that this works for clients.

  1. I will always consider whether or not I can act on your behalf on a no-win no-fee basis. I must consider the merits, the commercial aspects and all the factors but if I can I will.
  2. The actual costs that will be incurred with us depend on what I am asked to do.
  3. I will agree a budget with you in advance before any work is undertaken. This way there are no “nasty surprises”.
  4. Costs are normally charged on a time basis. However, I have extensive experience and expertise (which means we can work quickly and efficiently) and as I am based outside of London with lower overheads, we are able to pass the overhead savings onto you.